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The skin is the body’s largest functioning organ and many of us take its health for granted when we are young. However, like all the body’s organs, our skin’s health begins to fade with time and the youthful qualities it exhibited in our 20’s e.g. uniform colour and tone, plumpness, refined pores and no wrinkles, change as we head into our 30’s and beyond.

An expertly tailored skincare regime can halt these changes, improving the skin’s overall health and restoring its youthful appearance. We only select and recommend products that can deliver clinical outcomes, all of which are carefully researched and tested by our Glasshouse team of experts. We have cherry-picked a range of active ingredients to suit varying patient lifestyles and budgets and have developed results-driven protocols that require little or no downtime or effort from our patients.

This approach, adapted and honed over more than 10 years in skincare management, is one of main reasons why patients return to us time and again for skincare treatment and advice.

treatment cost

from £30

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Treatment objective

To restore, promote and maintain the skin’s health on a permanent basis.

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Time required for treatment

Almost all skincare products can be applied at home, in your own time.

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How long until treatment results are visible?

From 2 weeks.

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How long will the results last for?

Results can be permanent with regular care and maintenance.

treatment cost

from £30

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer skincare treatment options for all skin types and conditions.

All of our skincare products are extremely safe and can be applied in the comfort of your own home.

No, there is no pain or discomfort associated with the skincare products that we recommend.

No, none.

Usually there is no downtime required, but this can depend on the urgency of the treatment provided and will always be discussed with you prior to treatment taking place.

Temporary Closure

In accordance with the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 virus, we have taken the decision to close the clinic with immediate effect.

For more information regarding our temporary closure, please click the link below.