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Shortwave Diathermy

Shortwave Diathermy is a highly effective and versatile treatment used to eliminate unwanted skin tags, spider/thread veins and other blood vessels, lesions and blemishes. It can treat areas of both the face and body and is perhaps best known for eliminating spider or thread veins around the nose.

This treatment was first used in the late 19th century. A very fine needle transmits an electrical current through the lesion or vessel being treated. The energy from the current heats and seals off the lesion or vessel, which then disintegrates and is disposed of naturally by the body. When treating a skin tag, the energy is transmitted through the base of tag and closing off it of and shutting down the blood supply on which it needs to survive.

Shortwave Diathermy offers fast treatment times and results with minimal or no downtime.

treatment cost

from £155

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Treatment objective

To remove veins, lesions, blood vessels or skin tags on or just under the skin the skin.

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Time required for treatment

Total time including treatment preparation: 45 minutes. Actual treatment time: 15 minutes.

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How long until treatment results are visible?

0-6 weeks, depending on the area and condition being treated.

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Usually none, although mild redness may be experience for about 5 days following treatment. Occasionally ‘micro-scabbing’ may occur. This will depend on the area being treatment.

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How long will the results last for?

Results are permanent, although sometimes a second treatment may be required.

treatment cost

from £155

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Frequently Asked Questions

This treatment is suitable for most people but will not be recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If veins or blood vessels are being treated we will ask you not to exercise for 5 days following treatment as this may cause damage to the area being treated.

This treatment has an excellent safety record and all Glasshouse practitioners are sent on advanced training and ‘top-up’ courses to ensure we provide the best and up-to-date treatment possible.

Some patients experience mild discomfort during treatment. This is not severe.

You may experience some mild puffiness, redness or ‘micro-scabbing’ in the treated area following treatment. This will settle after a few days and can usually be covered up with concealer.

Usually no downtime is required with this treatment and you can return to work or other normal daily activities straight away.

Temporary Closure

In accordance with the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 virus, we have taken the decision to close the clinic with immediate effect.

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