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The Glasshouse Clinic Signature Hydrafacial treatment is the ultimate in luxury facial treatments, giving you a fabulous natural, glowing complexion and breathing life and youth back into your skin. It works in six stages to detoxify, cleanse, exfoliate the skin, extract impurities and congestion in the pores and then moisturise, hydrate and stimulate collagen production – leaving you and your skin glowing, energized and radiant! 

As with many of our treatments we are able to tailor your Hydrafacial to your individual needs, skin condition and desired treatment outcome, using specific serums and solutions to ensure optimum results. Just one treatment will show immediate improvement in skin quality and this will continue to improve with regular treatment visits.

Our patients agree that this is no ordinary facial treatment. They love the Glasshouse Signature Hydrafacial for its excellent and instantly visible results, the exclusive, pampered treatment experience it provides and the confidence it brings when they see the results achieved. That’s why many patients have made Hydrafacial a regular part of their beauty and skincare regimes and why they keep coming back for more!

For an extra boost, we may recommend PERK, the perfect cleansing and exfoliation treatment to give your skin an extra glow and radiance.

treatment cost

from £195

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Treatment objective

To detoxify, re-hydrate, brighten and rejuvenate facial skin. Time required for treatment.

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Time required for treatment

Approximately 60 minutes.

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How long until treatment results are visible?


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No downtime is required.

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How long will the results last for?

Usually 10-14 days. Long-lasting results can be achieved with regular monthly treatments.

treatment cost

from £195

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrafacial is suitable for all skin types and ages, but may need to be adapted if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a shellfish allergy. We will discuss this with you at your consultation.

Under the care of our experienced practitioners The Glasshouse Signature Hydrafacial is consistently safe and effective.

No, none at all. In fact, this is one of the most luxurious and pleasurable treatments we offer, leaving you feeling radiant, pampered and relaxed. Some patients have felt so relaxed that they actually fallen asleep during their treatment!

There are no side effects or risks associated with this treatment. Your medical history and allergies will be considered prior to the treatment.

No downtime is required. You can leave the clinic immediately, looking fabulous and feeling great!

Temporary Closure

In accordance with the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 virus, we have taken the decision to close the clinic with immediate effect.

For more information regarding our temporary closure, please click the link below.