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We use electrolysis to remove very small areas of hair growth that sometimes appear on body or face as we get older, in particular on the upper lip, chin or neck. These may be individual hairs or may be small groupings of hairs that have simply appeared with age, or that may have changed in colour and therefore become more noticeable.

Electrolysis treats each hair follicle separately, delivering heat via a tiny needle to damage the bed of the follicle, so that it is unable to produce new hair. More than one treatment may be required, dependent on the growth stage of the hair or hairs being treated.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types and, by permanently removing hairs that are often causing self-consciousness or embarrassment, often restores confidence and control to the patient.

treatment cost

from £35

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Treatment objective

To remove small, troublesome areas of hair growth on the face or body.

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Time required for treatment

15-30 minutes.

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How long until treatment results are visible?

Results may be seen immediately or several treatments may be required.

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Minimal or no downtime is needed. This will depend on the area of the face or body being treated.

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How long will the results last for?

Results can be permanent although maintenance treatments may be required.

treatment cost

from £35

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Frequently Asked Questions

Electrolysis is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of skin type. However if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we will not recommend this treatment.

This treatment has an excellent safety record. Because everyone’s skin is different, some patients may be more sensitive to electrolysis than others, so we will always treat just a small area at your first appointment, to ensure that you are comfortable during and after the treatment process.

Electrolysis will usually cause the patient some discomfort. This will vary from patient to patient. Our therapists will use all their experience and expertise to limit this as much as possible.

No, there are no side effects associated with this treatment.

Usually there will be very little or no downtime required, but this may vary from patient to patient. Some redness may be experienced.

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