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medical strength peel

A facial peel is a specialized medical lotion which when applied to the surface of the skin intensively exfoliates by removing the top dead layer to unveil healthier, fresher skin.  This will leave you with a more youthful, healthier appearance and allow your products to truly penetrate the living skin layers.
Medical peels are used to remove fine lines, especially around the mouth and discolourations such as sun damage and age spots. They cannot be used to treat the area around the eyes. The type and concentration of lotion used controls the intensity of the exfoliation.

Obagi Blue Peel
Described as 'Skin Bootcamp' this specialized peel is designed to whip your skin into shape! A unique deeply exfoliating facial peel with the convenience of no downtime leaves you with smoother texture, colour, and overall healthier appearance of the skin.

Jan Marini Glycolic Resurfacing Peel
A gentler peel, Jan Marini brings you the benefit of a deep exfoliation with minimal dryness and no irritation. A great treat before a special event, this peel will leave your skin glowing and absolutely radiant! We also recommend using this peel as a maintenance following a course of Obagi Blue Radiance peels.

Aestheticare Exfoliating Peels
AesthetiCare Exfoliating Peels use a highly advanced combination of glycolic acid and taurine. The high levels of glycolic acid act as the peel agent while the taurine is there to soothe your skin and counter-act some of the negative effects commonly associated with skin peels. Taurine is an amino acid that helps reduce redness and irritation, without impacting on the positive work that the glycolic acid is doing.

Glycolic acid is one of the most effective, clinically proven Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) peels available. It increases exfoliation to produce outstanding results such as rejuvenating your skin and leaving skin softer, with a more youthful appearance.

What to Expect: Your skin will be cleaned and gently prepared for the peel solution to be applied. Depending on the strength of the facial, the solution will be kept on from 1 to 10 minutes. During this time you will feel a slight tingling sensation which will again be more intense depending on the strength of exfoliation. The solution will then be cleansed off and a mask or appropriate vitamin serum and hydrating cream applied.

Treatments at The Glasshouse Clinic are always performed by experienced and fully qualified practitioners to ensure the very best quality of care.

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